The 2 Best Free E-commerce Website Builders

//The 2 Best Free E-commerce Website Builders

The 2 Best Free E-commerce Website Builders

Some years back, creating a website was a pursuit left for large-scale businesses and startups that had the money to pay web designers. Hiring a web designer is very expensive despite the rapid technological advances. But the availability of many fee website builders has enabled just about anyone to create their e-commerce website and start selling. If you’re wondering how to find the best website builder free, here is are three options to choose from:

1.Wix is the best free e-commerce website builder out there

Approximately 30 million sites run on Wix. It comes with a good-looking design and easy-to-use design. You don’t need web design skills or coding knowledge to be able to create your website using Wix. The reason most prospective and new business website owners like Wix is that it comes with the innovative drag and drop technology that lets you create your website effortlessly. It also comes with advanced HTML5 technology, which enables stunning image galleries, as well as other animations which are pretty hard to find with other free website builders.

It’s quick and simple to register with Wix. You only need an email and password to create an account.  Wix also comes with a wide range of e-commerce website templates to create a stunning website. The free plan comes with 500MB of storage, secure hosting, unlimited hosting and a mobile site. The downside to Wix is that it doesn’t support older browsers like Internet Explorer. But if your browser works just fine with Wix, it’s the best web builder for beautiful presentations.

2.Webstarts is a great e-commerce website builder

This is just as low as you can get when looking to enter the e-commerce business game. It has very simple functionalities to enable anyone to create a website. It also comes with the innovative drag and drop technology that lets you drag and drop text, videos, and images wherever you like on your web pages. The developers of Webstarts know that if a website cannot be found, no one can buy their products and/or services; which is why they built the platform from the ground up and optimized it for search engines. With Webstarts, you don’t have to go to the trouble of choosing a domain name. Just type the domain name you want on their platform, and it’s automatically set to work on your website. If you’re looking to create something unique that conveys the value of your products or services, Webstarts is a pretty good choice.


Well, if you’re looking for the best free e-commerce website builder to create your e-commerce website, consider these two. They have almost every feature you would want with an e-commerce website, and they deploy the latest technology to ensure you’re always on top of the e-commerce game.