3 Main Characteristics of High Converting E-commerce Websites

//3 Main Characteristics of High Converting E-commerce Websites

3 Main Characteristics of High Converting E-commerce Websites

Success in the e-commerce game doesn’t happen by chance or luck. In fact, according to statistics, eight out of 10 websites fail. Most e-commerce businesses never make it past their first anniversary. With these statistics, there is a reason to be skeptical about starting an e-commerce business. But, if you know what makes an e-commerce website successful, you won’t have to be skeptical. Here are the characteristics of a high converting e-commerce website:

1.  High-converting e-commerce websites have been optimized for search engines

It’s evident that an e-commerce website cannot sell itself. You can create the greatest e-commerce website in the world, but if prospective customers are not able to find it, it doesn’t matter. One of the best techniques to ensure potential customers find your e-commerce website is to optimize it for search engines. The first step is to ensure the web builder you are using is optimized for search engines. Secondly, you need to optimize your content for search engines by incorporating keywords that most people use to search products and services online. But adding keywords will be useless if your content is not high quality. Ensure that you produce quality content consistently and share it on different platforms like social media and various forums. With a good SEO strategy, your website will start converting in a matter of months.

2.  High-converting e-commerce websites have excellent customer service

The modern-day shopper doest rely on price anymore to make buying decisions. Besides high-quality products, they need excellent customer service and support. So you must ensure customers get the best experience when they visit your site. For starters, your pages must load quickly. A slow-loading page can lead to a lot of abandonment. Make sure you have reliable customer service and support systems like 24/7 support, phone support, email support and live chat capabilities. These days, clients want interactive feedback, which is why a live chat feature is critical to the success of your e-commerce business.

3.  High-converting e-commerce websites offer quality products

Let’s face it, you can build a beautiful site, integrate excellent customer care and support systems, but if your products are low-quality, your reputation will erode in a matter of weeks. And it’s not just about high-quality products. The products must be able to solve customers’ problems.


Besides e-commerce website optimization, excellent customer service and support and quality products, you must ensure that you integrate software and tools that increase the functionality of your websites, such as shopping cart software, innovative checkout systems, customer tracking and inventory management software and more.

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